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October 17th, 2008

05:28 am - and his shoes are laced with irony
Put iTunes on shuffle. 65 days worth of music on there. First thing that comes up is John Linnell:

Oregon is baaaaaaaaaad
Stop it if you caaaaaaaaan
Here it comes, here it comes
Now it's after youuuuuuuuu
Flee to someplace newwwwwww
Run away, run away

Sort of a mixed message. True but impossible.

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October 14th, 2008

05:12 pm - and how you built a tower tumbling through the trees
Ariel just called me to make sure I got home okay from Whores' Pear. Awww. Yes, we are home okay.

We almost did not make the flight, due to the gas-in-the-rental-car issue -- It's not a very interesting story. but the moral is, if the automatic kiosk won't print you a ticket because you are obviously acting like a terrorist by checking in only 28 minutes early, just go talk to someone at the ticket counter and they will press the magical Not A Terrorist button and give you your boarding passes. (As long as you're white and cute, I guess.) Then you run.

Here is a good rule of thumb: If your name is Kelly, Ariel, or Laurel, I got to talk to you for just barely enough time. Everyone else, not nearly enough.

I want to thank everyone for being super cool to and/or around our old friend Jess. She was a tad wary of spending three days hanging out with INTERRRRRRRNET PEEEEEEEEOPLE but she greatly enjoyed herself. You will probably see more of her.

If you were wondering what the slang term is that junior high kids use to talk about ear sex, it's "banging the drum".

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October 8th, 2008

05:04 pm - it rains fish from the sky, and the statues all start to cry
Another epic and well-plotted cinematic dream. I don't think it's that they really are this simple and concise, it's just that when I reconstruct them all the irrelevant stuff fades away.

Okay, first, obviously, I watched the debates.

Then, right before I went to bed, I watched this. I only recommend it if you have a weakness for vapid pop music. Or lesbians.

I didn't know there was that much fist-pumping in either hemisphere.

Hence, a bizarre combination of theatrical rocking and political protest.

So, in the dream, a new OUCH record had been released (even though the band itself did not reunite) and one of the singles was so hot donblood was asked to perform at the VMAs (even though the world at large still didn't know who he was). He took advantage of this and wore a creepy mask for the entire dance routine, which was a mashup of old-school breakin' and laconic leg lifts.

Two seconds before the routine's dramatic end, one of the dancers facing the crowd pulled up her mask, revealing herself to be Alison (aka Ali "Oops", Don Red's ladyfriend) and spit in the face of the president's son.

Flashback: George Bush III had a reality show - also on MTV of course. Picture The Hills only five times worse, with bragging directly to the camera... picture, I guess, Richie Rich on Cribs. So Georgie, the latest member of the famous-yet-universally-despised tier, had to then present a Spaceman with dripping hair. Watching at home (in my parents' bedroom, for no reason I can discern), I laughed so hard I fell off the bed.

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October 3rd, 2008

12:01 am - you can ride my tail any day
Every time a Republican uses the M-word, all I hear is "gay icon".

Current Music: take my breath awayyyyyyyy

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September 30th, 2008

05:32 am
So, on Saturday, I had this dream. It was sort of a recurring dream. It's not the same every time. Usually it's just a scene, and that scene can go on endlessly. But this time the scene was at the end of a movie, that I was watching bits of on a large wall screen as I went about being highly motivated doing whatever it was I was doing. Trying to find someone so I could disagree with them. Who knows.

In the dream, I wasn't even paying very close attention to the film. I had seen it before. Everyone knew it was Darren Aronofsky's third feature, in between Requiem for a Dream and the Fountain. It wasn't until I woke up that I went "Hey wait a minute, that's not an Aronofsky movie, it didn't even look like an Aronofsky movie, that movie doesn't exist. And it should, because it was really fucking cool."

So I kept repeating it to myself, replaying all the images I had. I should have written it down but i didn't. I was spaced out all day, people kept asking me what was wrong. I was trying to solve the puzzle.

See, I had a handful of scenes that made a good Act I, and I had an interesting complication that signaled the beginning of Act II, but I had no way to get from there to the scene that's been recurring since childhood. (I've always called it the War In Heaven, even though it's not what you think of when I say that.) My dream told me that to Aronofsky, these things were all part of the same movie. But there was no connective tissue.

I didn't figure it out until late at night, almost bedtime again. I just kept tugging on threads - why is she stuck there, what are they doing, where are the common themes... and then OH MY GOD everything made so much sense it was stupid. It was a fully formed Idea, and all the allegory was balanced perfectly on top of the plot. It can't be unique, I mean in the entire history of sf, it just CAN'T be, but there's definitely no other movie like it, and for this concept that's just enough wiggle room to matter.

I know it's lame to build this up like that and then not tell you what the idea is. Sorry. I'm just ridiculously excited and I don't feel right sharing until it's more fleshed out. If you bug me in person I might give it up.

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September 27th, 2008

01:05 am - in for the fight of your life (you lack poetry)
So, Obama didn't slam McCain nearly as hard as I'd hoped. I had pictured the old guy flying backward through the wall and breaking a hip from the sheer impact of the oratory. Here's how he could have performed better in my eyes:

-He missed an opportunity to ridicule him for the obviously ephemeral "suspension" of the campaign. If he'd simply smiled and said "I'm glad you were able to make it here tonight," the implied cowardice would have hung over him like a raincloud for the rest of the evening - courage (and all that other manly bullshit) being the bedrock of the self-image McCain's selling.

-He refused to challenge the comparison of Obama's "stubbornness" (on the surge) to BUSH'S stubbornness (on the initial invasion!), even though it was so ironic he couldn't help openly chuckling. The next time he was given the mic, he went straight to the closing statement about his father in Kenya blah blah blah. Come on man, don't just let that Orwellian shit lie there. Mock what's mockable.

-He repeatedly started statements with "Senator McCain is right about this, but..." Mistake. Lost ground. Don't ever say he's right, because he sure as hell isn't going to ever admit you're right. If you have to acknowledge common ground, say, "McCain and I agree on this". Better to not acknowledge, and act like the common ground is common sense.

-Relatedly, he repeatedly let McCain get away with saying, "What Senator Obama doesn't seem to understand is..." This was a very condescending way of playing the experience card, but it could work. He should have retorted, "No, I UNDERSTAND your position completely, but I DISAGREE with it because x y and z." (Or 1, 2 and 3 - he made a lot of numbered lists.)

-Time and again, McCain would hammer on some tiny prerehearsed talking point that his handlers, I'm sure, consider to be a chink in Obama's armor (earmarks, preconditions, tactics). Obama would then respond, well here's what the REAL issue is, and open the whole thing up. McCain would then completely dodge the larger issue and return to repeating the same trivial garbage. A couple of times, Obama did say, "Nobody's talking about x..." (and I really like the implication there, that McCain is babbling non sequiturs to an overly patient and baffled crowd, because he's frickin' ancient) but this happened so often that the third time and beyond it would have been fully appropriate to say, "Senator, stop avoiding the issue and answer me." Done respectfully, that would have scored major points among every undecided.

ALTHOUGH, as I watch this the second time, it does seem like Obama is the clear winner on every level. More confident, more prepared, more ethical, more presidential. I watched on CNN, where they had focus group bio-tickers crawling across the bottom of the screen. Obama, especially on foreign policy, was skilled at getting all three tracks (R, D, I) to pull into the positive. When McCain spoke, the red line soared and the blue plunged, because it was all the same empty buzzwords half of America now associates with patriotism and the other half with dictatorship. So I think that this will be really good for Obama among undecideds and independents.

As for Palin/Biden next week... I think it's going to be the most satisfying display since Colbert at the White House Press Corps dinner.

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September 24th, 2008

11:35 pm - gimme a blip, and i'll totally flip
Ahahahahahahah. I can't believe that worked.

Here's why Google = great justice:

If you google Yahtzee (and ignore the sponsored link), you get Zero Punctuation.

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04:45 am - let's unravel the edge of time where proofs and postulations rise
Finished Anathem in two weeks flat. 937 pages. A lot of that was airport time.

The thing I'm kind of stuck on right now is that it has the same problems as early Stephenson - the female characters are underdeveloped and the ending is beyond rushed - it just isn't there. Like, if I hadn't been able to physically see the back cover was only twenty pages away (if I had, for instance, been reading it on a Kindle) I would have been shocked to suddenly find myself at the epilogue.

However, it was thoroughly engrossing, so I can't in good conscience not recommend it.

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September 18th, 2008

02:27 am - yes, I shaved (on saturday)
photo meme

take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

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September 15th, 2008

11:48 pm - and all you create, and all you destroy
RIP Rick Wright.

I can't even quantify how much he's influenced me right now. It's too upsetting.

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